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Toproll handle EX for armwrestling|Full304stainless

12,800 JPY

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full304stainless armwrestling handle A training handle specializing in top rolls for armwrestling. Grip the handle with belt up and use it to supination or radial flexionl your fist. You can also use it for hook training by holding the handle with belt down. The price includes international shipping. 1USD is about 110JPY. Please check the payment screen for details. This product is a combination of a 304 full stainless steel body and a tough belt. The invisible parts of the shaft and small screws are all made of stainless steel. For this reason, it has a high weight capacity design and is extremely durable. Product production at the factory. Produced in a factory with the latest technology.These products are produced at the factory of sosyu city Ch, and finished in Ise city, Japan, then shipped to the world from Japan.

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