How to Win in armwrestling | Asian medalist explains techniques (top roll) and training equipment

The author, an Asian Championship medalist in armwrestling, will explain the techniques (tips) of armwrestling.

I will also show you the appropriate training equipment for the type of technique.

This image is a picture of when I won the final of the All Japan armwrestling championship.

The technique (tips) I used in this game is called "top roll".

Top roll is a technique that represents the armwrestling competition. And by knowing that, you can easily win in armwrestling between amateurs.

How to do top roll?

It's simple.

In a nutshell, the method is as follows.

With the elbow as the fulcrum, lift the opponent's fingertip with the "principle of leverage".

Did you notice that this is the same as "that carpenter's tool"?

It's "the claw of a hammer", yes "nail puller".

Lift the opponent's fingertip with the same movement as "nail puller".

The "top roll" is the same movement as the "nail puller" that lifts the opponent's fingertips.

Once you lift your opponent's fingertips, your opponent can no longer put pressure on their hands or arms.

Tips for a successful top roll

Just before the start "ready go!", You focus on your opponent's fingertips.

Then, after lifting the opponent's fingertips, roll and defeat your fist by "pronation".

I will explain the posture when using the top roll.

This is very important for efficiently exerting force on the opponent's hand.

There are two techniques for posture. It is as follows.

1.Place your elbows inside the shoulder line.

2.It is best to make the elbow angle a right angle.


1.If your elbows are outside the shoulder line, you will not be able to roll your fist to the end.

2.Don't forget "nail puller". If it is narrower or wider than a right angle, do you pull out the nail well? You shouldn't be able to do that.

Two equipments that strengthen your "top roll"

The first equipment is the "pronation handle".

Using this will strengthen the forearm muscles for your "pronation".

*Pronation handle PRO for armwrestling|Full304stainless

The second equipment is "top roll handle".

You can efficiently train the muscle strength of the forearm required for the roll movement from the "nail puller" movement.

*Toproll handle EX for armwrestling|Full304stainless

Top roll movement trajectory

In "Top roll movement trajectory", you perform the following three movements in a circular motion.

① Lift the opponent's fingertips

② Pull the opponent's fist

③ Roll your fist

If you want to see these movements in a video, please see the video linked to youtube below.

How to grip when using the top roll

There are two tips on how to grip when using the top roll, which are as follows.

1.Push your thumb with your index finger.

2.Widen the thickness of your fist.


1.You can control the opponent's power by pinching the opponent's thumb strongly.

2.It makes it harder for your opponent to grip your fist (at the start, you easy to lift your opponent's fingertips).

It is this handle that is effective for training the power to pinch.

*Pinch handle EX for armwrestling|Full304stainless

Armwrestling has another technique called "hook". This is a technique that requires muscle strength.

Here's how to do it.

1. Wind your wrist.

2. Pull back.

3. Press sideways.

The equipment to strengthen this technique is as follows.

*Wind roller PRO for armwrestling|Full304stainless

*Hook roller PRO for armwrestling|Full304stainless

*Hook handle EX for armwrestling|Full304stainless

Muscles required for armwrestling

The muscles required for armwrestling are listed below in order of importance.

1. Forearm muscle
2. Biceps
3. Latissimus dorsi
4. Pectoralis major
5. Rotator cuff
6. Triceps

Typical training methods for these muscles are as follows.

1.Training with arm wrestling handle,Wrist curl

2.Arm curl, Chin up

3.Pull up, Lat machine pull down

4.Chest press, Chest fly

5.Internal rotation

6.Triceps press down

These workouts are best done on a cable machine or dumbbells.

This is because the training done in these ways has a flexible trajectory and is effective for the muscles needed in the actual game.

Armwrestling and elbow angle

As mentioned above, the optimum angle of the elbow in armwrestling is around a right angle.

This has to do with how the biceps muscles contract in armwrestling.

There are three types of muscle contraction. It is as follows.

1.Concentric contraction : the contraction when bending the elbow.

2.Eccentric contraction ; the contraction that resists when the elbow is stretched.

3.Isometric contraction ; the contraction to keep the angle of the elbow.

Fixing the elbow angle is very important in armwrestling, which requires an "3.isometric contraction".

For this reason, in weight training for arm wrestling, it is important to do with the elbow angle fixed.

Even with arm curls, you don't have to actively bend and stretch your elbows, you should do it around a right angle.

Of course, this is the same for wrist curls, chin ups, pull ups, lat pull downs, chest flies, etc.

Author information

Gaku Kamioka

Biology Museum Curator
Bachelor of Education
Physical trainer

JAWA (Japan Arm Wrestling Association) Executive Director, Head Referee

Mazurenko equipment Japan CEO
EzrealArmwrestlingClub Japan CEO
ONIARM-JAPAN armwrestling equipment CEO

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