Is it better to have long arms for arm wrestling? | Asian medalist armwrestler explains about it

The author, an Asian medalist, answers questions about arm wrestling.

The question this time is "Is it better to have long arms for arm wrestling?".

I will tell you the answer.

It depends on the technique you use.

There are two techniques for arm wrestling. It is as follows.

① Top roll

② Hook

The player who wins in this photo is the player who is using the top roll.

When using top rolls, longer arms are better.

What kind of technique is top roll?

This is explained in the next section.

How to do top roll?

It's simple.

In a nutshell, the method is as follows.

With the elbow as the fulcrum, lift the opponent's fingertip with the "principle of leverage".

Did you notice that this is the same as "that carpenter's tool"?

It's "the claw of a hammer", yes "nail puller".

Lift the opponent's fingertip with the same movement as "nail puller".

The "top roll" is the same movement as the "nail puller" that lifts the opponent's fingertips.

Therefore, when using the top roll, the opponent's fingertips can be lifted higher, which is advantageous for long arms.

Another technique of arm wrestling is called "Hook".

In a nutshell, it's a technique that bends your wrist and pushes it sideways.

Here's how to do it.

1. Wind your wrist.

2. Pull back.

3. Press sideways.

In this technique, it is important to drop the opponent's fist to a lower position.

And since it is easier for people with short arms to do the movement, it is advantageous to have short arms when using hook.

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Asian medalist armwrestler explains armwrestling techniques (top roll) and training equipment